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About Us

None of us are teachers but between us we've taught written GCSE subjects for more than a thousand hours. We love Mr Bruff, are a fan of CGP Guides and love the Northern Education Trust Geography Videos. But unfortunately we don't think resources for written GCSE subjects are good enough. What's missing? Easy access to high quality feedback in a short space of time so you know what to work on and drills to help you build skills. There's too many knowledge organisers, too few skills builders. We'll be starting off with GCSE English Language AQA. We welcome and appreciate any feedback!


We're committing to making feedback accessible to everyone

Feedback in written subjects is essential for improvement, we are committed to introducing a source of high quality feedback that is as fast as possible.


Help build skills with Drills

Each question type needs often requires a different approach and tests slightly different skills, we will be creating targeted drills that help you build and hone the skills tested by examiners.


We are Experienced and Passionate about Education

Our lead Resource creater is an Oxford Humanities Graduate and has achieved 13A*s in his GCSEs. Every single person working on DowDier has experience teaching students. We hope to turn our 1000+ hours of tutoring private/public schools students into resources for students of all abilities.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    • Do you do English Language for another exam board?

      As of right now, we only cover English Language for the AQA exam board. We will be adding other Exam Boards and Written Subjects in the future.

    • What does 30,000 words per month mean?

      30,000 words per month means that you can submit 30,000 words for review per month. After each review you make, you can check the subscription tab to see your remaining word allowance.

    • Is the AI 100% accurate?

      As of right now, the AI is not 100% accurate. We are working on improving the accuracy of the AI and will be releasing updates as we improve the accuracy of the AI.